OUT TODAY: EPISODE 100 OF DUDE TALKS TO A LADY Comedian Janet Hyde Has Heard and Discussed 100 Male Comics’ Jokes About Women On Her Podcast If you love jokes and hate misogyny, this is your podcast. July 31, 2019- Brooklyn, NY -- Janet Hyde is celebrating the 100th EPISODE of her podcast, Dude Talks To A Lady, out today today on the Brain Machine Network. On Dude Talks to a Lady, standup comedian Janet Hyde is trying to end the patriarchy...one joke at a time. So she's inviting (mostly) male comics to tell her a joke about women or gender -- or sex, dating, periods, abortion, feminism, rape...nothing is off limits. After they talk about it, Janet grills the guys with her thunder round of qu

Rob Haze's debut comedy album, Haze-O-Pedia

(Download album art here) Blonde Medicine is Proud To Announce the August 16, 2019 Comedy Album Release Available Anywhere Comedy is Streamed or Sold Digitally 8/16/19 On August 16, 2019, Blonde Medicine is releasing Rob Haze's debut comedy album, Haze-O-Pedia out in all digital stores and streaming platforms and available as a download card in a 12" jacket sleeve. This album brings Rob's slow and intentional style to stage and showcases why he's been tapped to write on such esteemed awards shows as The ESPYs. Marking his 10th year in comedy, Haze wanted a body of work to timestamp what he was doing during his first decade in stand-up. He sees a debut album as a sort of mission statement, la

'First Draft with Sarah Enni' podcast releases its 200th episode

'FIRST DRAFT WITH SARAH ENNI' PODCAST RELEASES ITS 200th EPISODE Featuring Josh Gondelman, Veronica Roth, Jonny Sun, Leigh Bardugo and many more, answering questions such as "What do you do besides writing that makes you a more skillful storyteller?" click to download images Listen to First Draft on Apple Podcasts or wherever podcasts are available The incisive, fascinating interview-based podcast First Draft with Sarah Enni has officially reached its 200th episode, and in celebration, host and YA author Sarah Enni has created a very special episode to celebrate everything that makes the podcast distinctive: a compilation of some of her past guests answering pointed questions about their cre

Ed Begley Jr. Receives Emmy Nomination for CTRL ALT DELETE S2

EMMY NOMINATION FOR SEASON 2 OF PRO-CHOICE INDIE COMEDY CTRL ALT DELETE Ed Begley Jr. Receives 2019 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for His Role As Dr. Rosenblatt (High Res Photos and Graphics For Download Here) WATCH ALL OF SEASON 2 “The bravest TV show in America” -The Guardian “[CTRL ALT DELETE] approaches the topic with a light, comedic tone, while still highlighting the range of emotions experienced by the clinic’s patients, their partners, friends and family” -New York Times “CTRL ALT DELETE takes the conversation further and offers viewers the chance to laugh at the lighter aspects while tackling the challenges.” -CBC Ed Begley Jr. has rece

Caitlin Gill's debut comedy album, Major. (tour with Jackie Kashian and Chris Fairbanks)

Blonde Medicine is Proud To Announce the August 2nd, 2019 Comedy Album Release CAITLIN GILL MAJOR. Album Release Tour Including Shows in: Santa Cruz, SF, Petaluma, Eureka, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver and a Los Angeles Album Release Party (Download album art here) Available Anywhere Comedy is Streamed or Sold Digitally 8/02/19 Caitlin Gill is Major. Coming August 2nd, 2019, her debut comedy album is a new classic for audiences of all ages. Recorded at the San Francisco Punch Line, it’s good to be home for Caitlin. From her favorite stage Caitlin shines, sharing her luck in love, her terrific Dad and some career milestones in this hour of comedy so full, only one name stuck: Major. Voted

August 8, 15, 22: new cabaret 'Monica Lewinsky Sings Your Heart Out' at The Kraine Theate

AMANDA HUNT STARS IN NEW CABARET 'MONICA LEWINSKY SINGS YOUR HEART OUT' AUGUST 8th, 15th and 22nd AT THE KRAINE THEATER Monica told her story... but now she's ready to sing it! click to download image www.monicalewinskysingsyourheartout.com Watch excerpts from the show: https://youtu.be/pg3Cd97fhaM WHAT: Monica Lewinsky has changed America's minds about her and now she's coming for your hearts. Written and performed by comedian Amanda Hunt (UCB, Wedding Belles, various basements and backs of bars in New York City and Beyond), this cabaret features characters from recent American history, song parodies from recent American musicals, and wigs from recent American Amazon orders. Come to this sh

7/27: Waack to the Future Africa Dance Battle at House of Yes

WAACK TO THE FUTURE AFRICA - PRESENTED BY PRINCESS LOCKEROOO JULY 27th, 2019 - 6:00PM - HOUSE OF YES A dazzling, multicultural celebration and dance battle highlighting the fierce & fabulous dance styles born to the LGBTQ communities: Waacking and Voguing! click to download image Watch/share promo video here: facebook.com/watch/?v=351486799079016 Watch Waack to the Future's 2018 Top 8 Dance Battle here: youtu.be/lxpFm5fYyBc WHAT: Join Princess Lockerooo for a night of dancing, spellbinding dance battles & performances from some of the best Waackers and Voguers in the world. Waack to the Future attracts some of the greatest talent from across the globe to contest in an all-or-nothing dance sh

July 12th: Storytelling show Adult Sex Ed at Caveat with guests Taylor Ortega, SJ Son and more

ADULT SEX ED WITH DANI FAITH LEONARD - FRIDAY JULY 12th AT CAVEAT America’s failure to provide accurate sex education in schools is comedy’s gain. With special guests Taylor Ortega, SJ Son, Anna Suzuki, and KK Apple. THEME: "INDEPENDENCE" (click to download photo - credit Rodrigo Lizarraga) More photos: www.sharkpartymedia.com/adultsexed “Dani Faith Leonard's enlightening storytelling show fills the gaps (ha!) in your sex education” -Metro NY WHO: Host Dani Faith Leonard (Big Vision Empty Wallet, Lez Bomb) Guests KK Apple (UCB) Taylor Ortega (Kim Possible) Anna Suzuki (AzN Pop!, She's Gotta Have It) SJ Son (Search Party, False Positive) WHAT: Hosted by Dani Faith Leonard, ADULT SEX ED combin
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