Masala Jones - a subversive new Indian-American comedy from Pleasure Podcasts

MASALA JONES - A NEW SCRIPTED INDIAN-AMERICAN PODCAST ABOUT RACE, SEX, LOVE, AND FAMILY A subversive and daring new comedy about one man's journey to become the world's first Indian-American adult actor (Click here to download high-res image) Artwork by Dani Altimura TRAILER (NSFW): FULL EPISODES: Pleasure Podcasts is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever scripted podcast: Masala Jones, an original scripted comedy created by Venk Potula and Leland Frankel, the first season of which is now available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. Masala Jones takes listeners on a

Guess I'm a Ghost - a comedy series about the afterlife - RIYL The Good Place, High Maintenance

GUESS I'M A GHOST A comedy series about one woman's adventures in the afterlife. Coming April 29th. Last night Diane Egan died. Now she's a ghost. It sucks. TRAILER: Guess I'm a Ghost is a comedy web series in eight episodes that explores coming to terms with your past mistakes, making amends, and how we both perform ourselves and find out about death through social media. Tonally, the series is a mix between High Maintenance and The Good Place. Using both naturalistic and absurd comedy, the show looks to see how we grieve over imperfect people we think we knew, but maybe didn't at all. Diane...wasn't the best friend. She liked to bend the truth and look out for n

Announcing IMMIGRANT MADE, Gastor Almonte's debut comedy album and special

Announcing IMMIGRANT MADE, Gastor Almonte's Debut Comedy Album and Special Album out April 5th on 800 Pound Gorilla Records, special out April 12th on Amazon (click here to download high-res version of art) Cover photo: Chad Griffith Album pre-order link: Trailer: *preview streams available by request* On April 5th, Gastor Almonte will drop his debut comedy album Immigrant Made on 800 Pound Gorilla Records, followed by a video special version on Amazon April 12th. Gastor was raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn by his immigrant family and shares his experience in his signature easygoing, down-to-earth style, which has garnered him

Just Between Us with Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn Launches on Stitcher

New Podcast 'Just Between Us' with Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn Launches on Stitcher A variety talk show based on their popular YouTube channel which currently reaches 730k+ subscribers (click here to download high-res version of photo) TRAILER: The Just Between Us podcast has officially arrived from Stitcher! Get ready for a variety show like no other that’s all about brutal honesty, female friendship, and completely unsolicited advice. Co-dependent besties, New York Times best-selling authors, and YouTube series hosts Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn tackle life’s toughest and sometimes most ridiculous situations by

GHOST TOWN - a comedy podcast about mysterious, abandoned and esoteric places

GHOST TOWN PODCAST with Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib (Download Ghost Town Logo) All places haunted, abandoned, mysterious, and off the beaten path - This is Ghost Town. Ghost Town, hosted and produced by Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib, is a comedy podcast about mysterious, abandoned and esoteric places all over the world. Each week Rebecca and Jason explore new unsolved mysteries, abandoned places, haunted houses, and the paranormal. If you love true crime, ghost stories, urban archeology, the unexplained, or just want to see the world around you a little differently - Ghost Town has something for you. Through comedic investigation of a location, Ghost Town explores history, story and a sh

Established 2007
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