WHAT: Human rights nonprofit Breakthrough presents Dudes Against Violence Against Women: Because Duh, an ongoing series of comedy shows to benefit the organization and its efforts to combat violence against women. WHO: Roy Wood, Jr. (Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening) Dean Obeidallah** (Host of SiriusXM radio’s The Dean Obeidallah Show) Josh Gondelman (writer, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) Jordan Carlos (Broad City, Friends From College, The Colbert Report) Murray Hill (a New York legend!) Rob Paravonian (Comedy Central, Dr. Demento, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn) Eddie Sarfaty (Comedy Central, Logo) Special guest and emcee Negin Farsad (NPR, HBO,

New scripted soap opera podcast GOSSIP is out today from Allison Raskin and Stitcher/Midroll

Link to download image: Website with trailer: Listen to episodes 1 & 2 on Apple Podcasts: "Gossip (hello, great name) will satisfy any fan of the titular concept: It's about three friends who meet weekly to tattle and flip out over the latest developments in their suburban town, Golden Acres." - Elle "Gossip is devised as a soap opera and promises Desperate Housewives-style intrigue that you can dip in and out of." - The Guardian New York Times bestselling author Allison Raskin's new scripted podcast, Gossip, is out today from

June 23: Earth's Greatest... Conquerors! A Game Show, Hosted by Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler

WHAT: Famous figures from Earth (a rotating cast of comics and actors) are reanimated by alien overlords to compete on a game show hosted by superior humans Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler for the right to save the universe. Created by KAZM. The year is 2162 and the universe is in catastrophic trouble. Only the VERY best humans can save it. The Plutars, an alien race, have traveled through history to find the most impressive humans from each category (conquerors, feminists, one-term presidents, people called James, etc), reanimating the top five people - but the catch is that they can only keep one from each batch alive. The five reanimated contestants must compete in a series of challenges
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