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Matt Braunger: 

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Matt Braunger: DOUG 

Comedy Special and Album out on 800 Pound Gorilla

10/06- MOMENT release- 9pm EST 

10/25- TVOD + Audio album release

12/1- AVOD + 800PGM YouTube channel

Clips - Efficient Marital - Flying Alone As A Dad

“A new Matt Braunger special means you can look forward to a delightful one hour reprieve from our current, awful reality. Braunger is a joy and absurdity personified and that’s just his beard.” - Patton Oswalt


MOMENT Pre-Sale Available Here:



Matt Braunger might not be the biggest name in comedy, but his streaming numbers are. Over 100 million on Pandora, for starters. All from repeat watches and listens. Fans have told him on numerous occasions that his specials– Shovel Fighter, Big Dumb Animal, and Finally Live in Portland – are their go-to for a “fun, needed break” from the screaming horrors of modern life. Isn’t that what we need right now?


Braunger’s new comedy special, Doug, premieres October 6 at 9pm EDT on Moment. This new collection of material is a deeply personal hour of insane hilarity named after a terrible dad-bro of a person; Doug is Braunger’s masterwork. Covering his new fatherhood, an appreciation of hot dudes, his marriage to a pirate woman, driving 3,300 miles from L.A. to Boston with his family during the pandemic, and culminating in the reveal of a regrettable butt tattoo, Doug is a special for everyone who needs a laugh. That is, the known world. 


Braunger is a life-long performer, starting in childhood in grade school plays, through a theater degree in college, and starting stand up in his early 20s in Chicago. He has been professionally hilarious since he won “Best of the Fest” at the Aspen Comedy Festival in 2008. He has three comedy specials: Shovel Fighter (Comedy Central), Big Dumb Animal (Netflix), and Finally Live in Portland (Amazon), and five comedy albums. He’s done stand-up on every late night talk show and has been on Mad TV, Upload, Black-ish, Chelsea Lately, Up All Night, Marvel’s Agent Carter, iCarly, Fuller House, and way more. 


After all those aforementioned specials and credits, he was poised to record an hour in early 2020, but all the clubs shut down. As Matt put it:


“Luckily, my job went away just in time for me to be a stay-at-home dad, which I did for a year. During that time, stage comedy came back and I threw away much of that original hour for what we have now which is Doug.”


He’s currently either touring or home in Los Angeles with his wife Kara, being punched in the head by his daughter, Rose.


Matt Braunger Online:

Official Website - Twitter - FB - Instagram - TikTok



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