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Karinda Dobbins

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Blonde Medicine is excited to announce the debut comedy album from Karinda Dobbins, Black & Blue, due out February 4th, available everywhere comedy is streamed and sold. The Bay Area comedian who has shared the stage with household names like Trevor Noah, Roy Wood Jr. and Gina Yashere recorded the album on a co-headlining bill with one of her best friends, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan. It was a  celebratory event in that special slice of fall 2021 when the Covid numbers were low and the vax numbers were high. As Karinda says “We brought a lot of black and brown people to San Francisco. I think they should give us the key to the city or at least the key to the Tenderloin or the Mission.”


Karinda Dobbins was born and raised in Detroit, where she got her start being a comedian, as her family says, since childhood. She started doing jokes on stage 12 years ago at an open mic in Oakland on a light dare from a friend, and has been honing her craft ever since. Black & Blue is a strong collection of that work, delivered in a unique moment, covering ordinary life including her girlfriend’s arbitrary policy on household pests, the changes hipsters have brought to Oakland, and a unique packing list for hiking provided by black women - who you should always listen to.



Karinda Dobbins, Black & Blue 



1. I Won’t Die 4 U

2. I Gotta Have an Answer

3. Portland is Very…

4. Shower Curtain P.S.A.

5. No Bugs, No Problems

6. Comfort Pet Ridiculousness

7. Wedding in the Woods

8. Hiking While Black

9. Not My Harriet

10. Old Oakland / New Oakland

11. The Melanin Mosaic Covenant

12. Tenderloin Discounts

13. Power Outage


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Blonde Medicine Black & Blue Album Page

Black & Blue Pre-Order

About Blonde Medicine:

Blonde Medicine is a record label and production company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. With roots in comedy and music production, they aim to help Artists make great art, no matter what form it may take. Their genre-spanning releases can be found at


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