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Jen Fulwiler


Listen to Jen's comedy special, The Naughty Corner, here:

800 Pound Gorilla is proud to announce the November 17 release of Jen Fulwiler’s self-produced special, The Naughty Corner, an hour of fresh, smart comedy that skewers the absurdities of modern parenting. Jen Fulwiler brings us into her life as a mom of six who homeschools so she can sleep late, shows up to the mandatory parent meeting with vodka in her travel mug, and always posts the group picture where she looks best. Parents and non-parents alike will relate to her stories of barely managing it all when you’re not quite cut out for the life you find yourself living.


The special was filmed at the iconic Arcada Theatre in the Chicago area, as part of a tour that Fulwiler produced herself, booking theaters across the country with nothing more than a Google search and her personal credit card. After quitting her talk show on Sirius XM to focus on comedy, she began self-booking theaters, one-by-one, traveling to completely sold out shows all over the U.S., quickly realizing that the leap of faith was worth the risk. 


The Naughty Corner is also well-timed to a moment where we could use some levity for the whole family, and this special is sure to get everyone to leave you alone for one dang minute during all your upcoming family holiday gatherings. 


Jen Fulwiler is what happens when a woman whose natural habitat is a martini bar in NYC finds herself a homeschooling mom of six in suburban Texas.


Jen Fulwiler is a standup comic, bestselling author, and mom of six. Her new podcast, This Is Jen, debuted in the Comedy Top 10 on iTunes. Her first book, Something Other than God, a memoir about converting to Catholicism from lifelong atheism, was a finalist in the Goodreads Reader Choice Awards, ranked alongside books by Hillary Clinton and Rob Lowe. Her book One Beautiful Dream was a Wall Street Journal bestseller, hit the Amazon Top 25, and was a #1 bestseller at Barnes and Noble. Her newest title, Your Blue Flame, was featured on the Today Show.


Many people know her from her time as a SiriusXM talk radio host, and even more people know her for quitting her stable job as a SiriusXM talk radio host in the middle of a pandemic. She lives with her six kids, husband, a huge dog, and a one-eyed cat in a three-bedroom house in Austin, Texas. Follow her on Instagram at @JenniferFulwiler. 

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