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Amand Duarte


When her marriage, her body and her democracy fell apart, "...matchlessly incendiary (Time Out New York)" "fiercely intelligent firecracker feminist comedian (New York Magazine)," Dead Darlings host, Pussy Grabs Back co-creatrix and New York Times contributrice Amanda Duarte turned to divorce, disco, drugs, democratic activism and domming to put her Humpty together again. Loosely inspired by the perplexing film, "Staying Alive" brings Duarte and fellow NY fixtures The Gay Agenda, Becca Blackwell, Jenn Harris and Matthew Cleaver to the stage to romp about to Bee Gees songs and ruminate on what it takes for a "feminazi cunt" @LockHerUp45, Twitter to stay alive in 2018. 


Amanda Duarte is the creator and host of the "Absolute Best Reading Series in NYC (-New York Mag)" Dead Darlings, in which artists present work they’ve had to cut or abandon, at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. She is an outspoken feminazi cunt on social media and the co-creatrix of the meme and movement #PussyGrabsBack. As a writer, she has contributed to The New York Times, The New Yorker, Time Out New York, Town and Country, NewNowNext, Marie Claire, BuzzFeed, High Times and, yes, Scruff. She appears regularly on comedy and storytelling stages throughout the city, and plays a taint in the itinerant "It's That Time Of The Month Show with Snatch Adams" co-starring Becca Blackwell. She is seeking to financially dominate a nice person of any or no gender. 

WHO: Amanda Duarte, NY Times and TONY theater etiquette contributor, original writer of the ever-trending #pussygrabsback and renowned NYC Salon of discarded material, Dead Darlings. Amanda will be joined by friends and NYC fixtures The Gay Agenda, Becca Blackwell, Jenn Harris and Matthew Cleaver


WHAT: STAYING ALIVE: a cabaret hour of Bee Gees tunes and ribald tales of coping with traumas both personal and political through dancing, doping and domming


WHERE: Joe's Pub at the Public, 425 Lafayette St, NYC


WHEN: Friday, September 21, 2018 at 9:30pm


HOW: Ticket link here:

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